Run Sister Run

Sisters Connie and Ursula were once everything to each other. Years on they’re almost strangers. When a family bombshell is dropped, Connie is forced to retrace forty years of sisterhood and confront a web of painful secrets and conflicting loyalties. Spanning four decades, nurture competes with nature as the pair navigate their unbreakable bond, united by the same beginning but headed in different directions.

Set in the studio theatre within the Crucible I think this was the perfect place for this play to take place. Small and intimate making you feel like you were sat in the living room with Connie, Adrian and Jack or that you were sat in the park with Connie on a warms summers day while her ice cream is melting. I have never come across a play before that was set out like this. So minimalist but yet so detailed. Set against an all-white backdrop with just one white door for the actors to enter and leave. All the props were on the stage at all times. No stagehands on and off the stage either as the actors moved around all the props themselves, each prop having more than one role, a park bench becoming a sofa, the grass becoming what would be the living room carpet etc. 

The lighting and effects were also a great help with the show, helping you visualize where you were and what was taking place. The scene where Connie is waiting for her sister in the park for instance, she is set beside the children’s play park on a sunny day. The sound effects in the background of the children playing helped you along to believe she was there. My particular favourite moment when it came to the lighting is when the scene was changing or something traumatic took place, the main lights would drop into darkness and lamps placed around the stage in the glass boxes would flicker, really putting you at the edge of your seat. 

The cast was small with only four people featuring but I feel like there wasn’t any need for anyone else to feature. All four actors suiting their roles perfectly. 

Connie played by Lucy Ellison, the mothering role to not only Jack but to Ursula too. Bringing the different levels of love to her young teenage son who had got himself into a tricky situation, Lucy played the mothering Connie perfectly, giving Jack advice. But then on the different end of the spectrum, we have Connie playing a motherly role to Ursula. Someone that relies on her massively in all stages of her life. From scared child to troubled adult. 

Helena Lymbery playing Ursula was a pleasure to watch. Going from playing a somewhat scared child afraid of what is going to happen to an out of control drunk adult, confused pregnant women to a then older lady who seemed to have her life under somewhat control. Every stage of Ursula life Helena executed with humour, with many witty lines getting a laugh from the audience. Helena was a pleasure to watch perform. 

I feel like the cast was one with a strong female lead, both leading ladies doing an amazing job. However, both male roles were great too. 

Luca Button playing Jack, ranging from a young Jack to teenage Jack and then adult Jack with his own baby. Luca captured all these roles amazing, making the audience feel for him when he’s a child being bullied or sympathizing with his panic at becoming a father. I feel like Luca captured teenage Jack perfectly, communicating with his parents how a typical teenager of the 21st century would. 

Silas Carson playing witty and sometimes hot-headed Adrian was again another great casting. Getting many laughs from the audience and on the flip side getting a few gasps following his actions towards Connie. I feel like Silas and Lucy both bounced off each other perfectly, taking you on the roller coaster of their marriage, from love birds, parents and then separated.

Overall I was very surprised with how much I enjoyed watching Run sister run and would recommend to anyone who is searching for a captivating play to watch, following this somewhat dysfunctional family.

Run Sister Run is at the Studio Theatre until Sat 21 March. You can buy tickets for the Studio Theatre here.


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