Sheffield author is the new voice behind the Sales Mindset Coach

A best-selling local author that has penned some of the area’s most popular books of recent years is taking a step back – and writing his first title for someone else.

Neil Anderson is best known for his success tackling Sheffield history and has written on everything from the Blitz to the changing face of nightlife but in recent months he has turned his attention to ghost-writing his first business book.

He has been working with Millhouses-based Sales Mindset coach Steve Knapp on his first title.

Neil Anderson said: “People often forget that I’m also a successful PR consultant by day and I’m lucky enough to work with some very interesting people.

“I’ve the added advantage of having years of experience of being able to write and publish highly successful books and sometimes I come across exceptional people in my PR business that deserve to be in print.

“I’ve seen the impact Steve Knapp’s teachings can have on a business and I suggested a book might be a great way to grow his own operation.”

Steve Knapp has mentored hundreds of business owners as he helps them get comfortable with selling as a way to grow their business.

One of the main aims of his business is to change the negative stereotype around selling.

Steve Knapp started his sales career at the very bottom – selling Calor Gas cylinders door-to-door in the late 1980s – but advanced it to the very top.

The sales handbook written by Steve Knapp for Shell still helps maintain the multi-national as one of the world’s most recognised brands today.

Steve Knapp said: “Neil made the process of pulling together the book incredibly easy. I wanted something that was very accessible, easy to read and would provide SMEs with their very own sales handbook. Neil has helped me do just that in a way that successfully challenges the negative stereotypes around the sales industry.”

‘FunnelVision – Selling Made Easy’ is set to be launched in October this year.


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