Sheffield drivers rush to book eye tests following police crackdown

A NUMBER of motorists in Sheffield are having their eyes tested in an effort to minimise the risk of having their licence revoked, after a crackdown on drivers with insufficient vision launched across the UK last month.

According to Specsavers Crystal Peaks, more than 5,100 people have booked eye-tests in light of this news, an indication of the concern for eye health and urge to meet DVLA minimum requirements to be road legal.

Drivers are now required to read a standard number plate from 20 metres (65 feet), or face having their licence immediately revoked and the store in Crystal Peaks has introduced an in-store test to ensure they are able to read from this distance.

Recent studies have shown that one in four drivers are not confident they could read a number plate from this distance. Currently, the only mandatory examination is during the practical test, after which it is up to the driver to tell the DVLA of any eyesight problems.

Specsavers Crystal Peaks store director, Gilbert Vasey, says eye-tests are crucial for making sure drivers stay safe on the road: ‘Poor vision can have disastrous effects if motorists are unable to spot potential hazards while driving.

‘We fully support the DVLA and the police in their efforts to improve awareness of the importance of sufficient eyesight on our roads and encourage any motorists who haven’t had their eyes tested in the last two years to come into store.’

For more information visit the Crystal Peaks store, go online at or call 0114 251 3111.


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