Sheffield Hallam University launches €3.2m European migration project

Sheffield Hallam University has launched a multi-million pound EU project looking at the integration of migrants in European countries.

Set to be one of the biggest projects of its kind, MIICT (ICT Enabled Services for Migration) will look into how technology, social media, software and mobile apps can be used to help to integrate migrants into new countries by providing them with cultural information, language assistance and regional guidance.

The three-year €3.2m project is being led by the University’s CENTRIC (Centre of Excellence in Terrorism, Resilience, Intelligence and Organised Crime Research) team with a pilot scheme across several countries officially launched in Sheffield recently.

Ben Brewster, CENTRIC research fellow and MIICT project lead, said: “This is a very ambitious project, and one the largest studies of its kind. Working with colleagues from across Europe we hope to develop and launch a range of platforms that will greatly help migrants into EU countries and the communities who welcome them.

“CENTRIC is committed to working to develop solutions to real world situations in order to protect, help and support those that need it. We are also part of a University that engages globally through partnerships and academic opportunities, linking Sheffield to the world and the world to Sheffield.”

Professor Babak Akhgar, director of CENTRIC, said: “MIICT will be an important project for CENTRIC, working with dozens of leading organisations including the UN, European Union and world-renowned academics. This project will, ultimately, lead to vital support for migrants and public authorities across the EU, leading to better integration and benefitting communities.”

Sheffield Hallam University is a national leader in creating innovative and real-world solutions for tackling today’s health and wellbeing challenges and its practitioners, scientists, engineers and designers regularly collaborate to create innovative solutions that will drive economic growth, health improvements and community wellbeing.


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