Sheffield Labour councillors back call for a Green Industrial Revolution

On Wednesday Sheffield councillors will discuss how the city could benefit from Labour’s call for a ‘Green Industrial Revolution’.

Earlier in the year Sheffield became the largest local authority in the country to declare a ‘climate emergency’ and as part of this the Council is seeking to do everything it can to eliminate our contribution to global heating and improve air quality in the city.

However, the Labour Party argues that greater prosperity can be achieved alongside protecting the environment.

Sheffield’s Labour councillors are proposing  motion backing Shadow Secretary of State Rebecca Long-Bailey’s recent call for a “Green Industrial Revolution”.

Labour believes that 400,000 new jobs could be created by investment in green industries.

Speaking about the upcoming Council debate Cllr Lewis Dagnall, Cabinet Member for the Environment, Street Scene and Climate Change, said

“In order to avert climate catastrophe, we need to think very differently about the economy.

“Rather than austerity in the public and private sectors, we need huge investment in new industries, amounting to a ‘Green Industrial Revolution’.

“We’ve seen in the case of British Steel how financial speculators try to strip and scrap industries that sustain thousands of families, in search of a quick buck.

“Bringing British Steel into public ownership would open the door to investment in innovative, low-carbon technology that would secure the future of the steel industry.

“We’re bringing our motion to argue that socialist ideas of public investment are crucial to developing a proper response to the climate and environmental emergencies.”


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