Sheffield man found guilty of murder

A Sheffield man who stabbed his neighbour and then claimed he had disturbed an intruder has been found guilty of murder.

Michael Andrew Goddard, 51, of Steven Close, Chapeltown was today (Thursday 13 December) convicted of the murder of Glenn Boardman following a nine-day trial at Sheffield Crown Court.

In the early hours of Tuesday 26 June, Goddard made a 999 call to police saying he had heard his neighbour, 60-year-old Mr Boardman, shouting and sounding distressed.

He went on to tell police he had gone downstairs to Mr Boardman’s first floor flat and found him lying unresponsive on the floor, as T/Detective Chief Inspector Simon Palmer, the Senior Investigating Officer, explains.

“In the call to police, Goddard said he had seen an unknown man trying to leave the property via an open window.

“He went on to describe what he had been wearing and said that he had tried to grab the man, who he said had been carrying a knife, and had received a slash wound to his hand in the process as the ‘suspect’ escaped.

“Officers were immediately deployed to the cul-de-sac where both Goddard and Mr Boardman lived and found Mr Boardman on his bedroom floor, with significant knife injuries to his neck and stab wounds to his back.

“Goddard, who was bleeding from his injuries, spoke to officers at the scene and it quickly became apparent that his account had changed and was significantly different to his initial 999 call.”

As detectives and specialist forensic officers carried out detailed enquiries at the scene, a trail of blood was found, leading from Mr Boardman’s flat to the surrounding roads which subsequently followed a circular route before ending back at Steven Close.

T/DCI Palmer continued: “The day after Mr Boardman’s body was discovered, the trail of blood, which was forensically identified as being Goddard’s, was found to go through Chapeltown centre to woodland and was estimated to be around three-miles long.

“CCTV recovered showed Goddard walking along this route over an hour before he rang the emergency services, making the claims regarding the intruder.

“A blood-strained jacket was also found nearby, hidden in some bushes. It was forensically tested and found to have been worn by Goddard, with the blood confirmed as belonging to both Mr Boardman and Goddard.”

Evidence was put to Goddard, to which he replied no comment to in four separate interviews. He was charged with murder two days later and has been remanded ahead of his trial since.

“Mr Boardman was a man with significant health complications and he had received support from carers on a daily basis since the middle of 2017,” added T/DCI Palmer.

“As neighbours and friends, he and Goddard spent a lot of time together and Mr Boardman trusted Goddard to come and go from his flat most days.

“Goddard took advantage of that trust, stealing from him for over a number of months, before violently attacking Mr Boardman and killing him, for reasons we may never truly understand, and the denial of his guilt meant that Mr Boardman’s family and friends have had to endure a trial. I’m pleased that he has today been found guilty of murder and my thoughts are with his friends and family.”

Goddard will be sentenced at Sheffield Crown Court tomorrow (Friday 14 December).

Mr Boardman’s family, said: “We have got justice for Glenn and whilst we know this will not bring him back it is comforting to know that Michael Goddard’s liberty has been taken from him too.

“I would like to thank the QC, CPS, the Police, the Family Liaison Officers and others that have helped us through this very difficult and traumatic time, they have all been amazing, giving us the support and help that we needed as well as working hard on the case. Once again I would like to say a big thank you for all they have done and still doing. Whilst we still measure the scale of our loss we can seek comfort in knowing that Glenn’s life was seen to be important.

“Glenn was a loving and caring person to his family and close friends and would have done anything for anybody if he could. He will be deeply missed.”


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