Shell’s global sales success formula set to transform local business community

His inspirational selling techniques are still the cornerstone of one of the world’s biggest brands – and they’re now lining up to raise the game of small businesses right across the Sheffield City Region.

Bamford-based Steve Knapp started his sales career at the very bottom – selling Calor Gas cylinders door-to-door in the late 1980s – but advanced it to the very top.

He rose through the ranks at Shell to become responsible for the success of the company’s sales teams right across the globe – his selling methods and ‘mindset’ techniques were adopted right across the business.

In fact the sales handbook written by Steve Knapp still helps maintain the company as one of the world’s most recognised brands today.

But throughout his career he was very aware that sales is a sector with an image problem – from PPI mis-selling to double-glazing horror stories, it has traditionally been in the news for all the wrong reasons.

This month he’s set to take the very best of what he has learnt from three decades in the industry and use it to help turn the small business community of the Sheffield City Region into one of the best performing business sectors of its type in the UK.

Steve Knapp is set to unveil ‘The Sales Mindset Coach’ – an online platform geared to (i) helping local businesses feel more comfortable with selling and (ii) providing them with a proven framework to grow their business.

He said: “Sales is still a dirty word within so many small businesses. But without a sales mindset you are never going to comfortably keep cash flow at the right level.

“That’s where my new Sales Mindset Coach comes in. I want to re-programme attitudes to sales to create a winning strategy.”

Steve Knapp’s expertise has already attracted the attention of Sheffield Chamber of Commerce – he is set to mentor key staff later this month.

He then follows that by holding a sales mentoring event in February.

Steve Knapp is also a member of the Association of Professional Sales and is a keen supporter of the lobby working towards a charter mark for the industry by 2020.

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