Sister Act

Based on the hit 1992 film featuring Whoopi Goldberg, Sister Act is the feel-good musical that will captivate audiences. With original music by Alan Menken this is a musical comedy for all. 

Deloris van Cartier witnesses the dealings of her notorious gangster boyfriend, she then goes into protective custody and finds herself placed in the Little Sisters of Our Mother of Perpetual Faith convent under the watchful eye of the strict and stern Mother Superior. Struggling to adjust in the convent’s safety, Deloris joins the choir with outstanding results. 

Deloris van Cartier, glamorous, beautiful, sassy and most of all ridiculously talent, Shorelle Hepkins was the perfect lady for the role. From her mannerisms to her outstanding vocals, her dance moves to her comical one-liners, Shorelle shone on the stage and did a fantastic job. From when we first met Deloris, aspiring club performer to Sister Mary Cartier the rebellious nun, Shorelle played every version of Deloris perfectly. 

The cast was full of very talented people with many that I need to mention. 

Joe White playing Monsignor O’Hara, from the moment Joe stepped onto the stage he transformed into Monsignor, his facial expression changed and his dance moves were perfect for the role. Joe got many laughs from the audience, absolute comedy gold. 

The group of sisters, led by Georgina Willows had such a great connection with each other. You believed that they were sisters in a real convent. Faith Hardy, Ashleigh Badman and Isabel Berriman stood out for me from the group of sisters again for their great vocals and sometimes comical dance moves. 

Ted Tooley playing Curtis the perfect villain, making everyone in the audience love to hate him. 

Daniel Schofield when he transforms from a police officer to superstar back to a police officer is also a worthy mention. The costume and then the change of costume was fantastic and added a great aspect to the story. 

The sets are very detailed and help you follow the story perfectly, from the dive bar to the police station, church to Mother superior’s office. My favourite set had to be the church/choir practise area. The large cross in the centre, the soft lighting and the effect of the stained glass windows made it feel like a genuine church. In true sister act style there had to be a glitter ball, perfect for when the sisters were belting out a song. 

Every song fits perfectly with the scenes but to mention some of my favourites. Raise Your Voice and Take Me To Heaven. The atmosphere when Deloris and the nuns sang together was electric. When I Find My Baby sang by Curtis is another honourable mention, Curtis sang this with such grit and anger that you could read the emotion on his face. 

I also have to mention the programme for Sister Act as I found it very interesting. It included all the actors and actresses and directors, writers and staff but it also mentions a back story into Sister Act itself. How Dolores was partially inspired by a Hollywood actress, Dolores Hart who stared across from Elvis Presley in Loving You and how she then went into an Abbey and lived a vowed life for the rest of her life. Such attention to detail went into the programme and it is a very interesting read. 

Overall, it was a great experience, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. There was a standing ovation at the end. I would recommend everyone to go see it, old to young, male or female. Everyone would enjoy this feel-good, amazing musical.

Sister Act is at The Montgomery until Saturday 21st Septemeber 2019. You can buy tickets for The Montgomery here.


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