Sleep Eye Mask

I’m not a good sleeper. Most nights it takes me several hours to drop off so I was curious to try this Sleep Eye Mask to see if it made any difference.

It is described as light blocking, handmade and breathable. It is made from cotton and has an adjustable elasticated head strap and soft fabric that feels like microfiber around the bridge of the nose to prevent any light leakage.

It’s made in China and it’s clear the instructions were written by someone whose first language is not English – ‘Soon you will go to the sweet dream’ being particularly sweet, but this product doesn’t really need instructions anyway!

So, I can confirm it definitely blocks out all light and is not uncomfortable to wear, it is soft and pliable and there are recesses in the mask so it does not press on your eyes – you can still blink!

I tried it for a couple of nights and while it did make everything very dark it didn’t affect how quickly I dropped off. I thought it might get hot or claustrophobic, but it is lightweight and breathable and that wasn’t a problem at all.

At £8.99 this is not the cheapest sleep mask on the market, but it definitely does the job. This would be great if you want to sleep on a long journey and need to block the light out, or if your partner likes the lights on and you like it dark.

Sleep Eye Mask is available to buy at Amazon.

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