Supporting families to quit smoking this New Year

Sheffield Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust are kicking off the New Year with a campaign to support families to quit smoking with the support of Smokefree Sheffield.

Following the Trust’s move to have smokefree sites in 2018, visitors to Jessop Wing this January will be greeted by a series of floor vinyls highlighting the risk factors of continuing to smoke throughout pregnancy, exposure to secondhand smoke from others and the benefits of quitting for mum, baby and the whole family.

This is the latest initiative of the smoking in pregnancy campaign, which aims to reduce the number of women smoking while pregnant and has been developed by the Jessop Wing midwives in collaboration with Smokefree Sheffield.

Helen Baston, Consultant Midwife and Smoking Cessation Lead at the Jessop Wing, said: “When a pregnant woman stops smoking she, her baby and her family get the benefits immediately. No longer exposed to carbon monoxide and the other harmful chemicals in cigarette smoke, this means that the blood can take up more oxygen and this is particularly important for the growing baby.”

“When a new baby is coming in to the family, this is also an opportunity for family and friends to give their support and quit too. We are so lucky in Sheffield to have a midwifery led stop smoking service especially for women thinking of starting a family or who are currently pregnant. People who smoke and have professional support to stop smoking are four times more likely to succeed.”

An accompanying leaflet aims to encourage New Year quits with the inclusion of a 30-day quit calendar. Outlining the many health benefits that occur during the first 30 days of quitting smoking, the calendar serves as motivation for expectant parents or family members to stick to their quit plan.

Alongside this campaign, Smokefree Sheffield are aiming to highlight the serious health risks of secondhand smoke around babies and children, encouraging parents to create a smokefree home for themselves and their family.

Smokefree Sheffield brings the city’s Tobacco Control Board partners and local services together under one umbrella and has been set up to help smokers, non-smokers, quitters and the whole community work towards a future without tobacco.

To find out more about Smokefree Sheffield, including advice and support to help you quit, visit


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