Terry rediscovers his love of art at Clifford House

TERRY Batty has rekindled a lifelong love of art after attending classes at St Luke’s Clifford House.

Clifford House is the St Luke’s Hospice facility for anyone affected by an illness that has no cure.

Terry first came to Clifford House in September 2017 to support his wife Kathleen who was suffering from cancer and they attended art classes together.

Following Kathleen’s death, Terry decided that he wanted to continue attending classes and now brings daughter Sheryl and even ten-year old granddaughter Emily along with him.

Terry has actually painted on and off since childhood but found it difficult to devote much time to his hobby until his retirement.

But now, thanks to his Landscape and Mixed Media sessions at Clifford House, he has even had a painting exhibited at Sheffield’s Millennium Galleries as part of the Great Sheffield Art Show.

“I need Clifford House and I really look forward to coming to these classes,” Terry said.

“It’s given him a chance to learn new things – I’ve recently started painting in watercolours which I’ve never learned before.”


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