The Top 6 Garden Trends for 2020

In the last few years gardening has been on the rise. It is no longer just an activity for elderly people, but more and more often younger people use it as a gateway from the busy and stressful everydayness. The biggest trend in the field in 2020 is making most of what you have already with the focus on sustainability and efficiency. Learn what to expect here.

Sustainability Matters

Sustainable gardening is not something new but has never been as widespread as it is going to be this year. 

1. Grow Your Own Food

As people are getting more and more concerned that what they eat is full of chemicals and GMO, they are more enthusiastic to start growing their own food. This is surely the best way to make sure you eat “organic” fruits and veggies and is the way to a better and healthier lifestyle. It is truly exciting to see the food you are about to put on the table growing from seeds and it undoubtedly tastes better. So in 2020, everyone will be checking the most suitable veggies and fruits to be grown at home.

2. Compost 

If you do care about the environment, you surely think about what you leave behind. In this train of thought, the waste from your garden in should not go directly in the garbage, even though it is organic. The good thing about composting is that it will later provide the nutrients necessary for all the plants in your garden and improves the overall fertility of your soil. This all happens without you having to purchase new fertilizers and definitely reduces your carbon footprint.

3. Use Sustainable Soil

In 2020, more and more gardeners will start considering what they put in the soil to improve it. Fertilizers will step behind, if their ingredients are not eco-friendly. At the same time, the quality of soil will be boosted by adding more natural materials. Compost is on the top of the list, no matter whether you have created it at home. Another very useful and beneficial item is the wood fibre.

Efficiency is Improved

“Do more with less” will be the leading principle in 2020 and will refer to space, maintenance, and plants simultaneously. Efficiency is on the rise. Learn how to embrace it. 

4. Gardening becomes vertical

You have a small house and an even smaller garden. Or you are living an apartment downtown and have just a tiny balcony you want to make the most of. Then 2020 will be your year, as vertical gardening will become more common and it’s definitely the best way to add something green to a limited space. Walls are under the spotlight and you can place hanging wall planters both in- and outdoors. Choose easy to maintain plants and make sure they are fit to be grown in pots. Arrange them beautifully and enjoy your magical new space.

cherry laithang DEAIMSWjxxI unsplash

5. Make a low maintenance garden

Gardening is fun and games, until you have to spend every free minute of yours for maintenance. Only then you start regretting the entire initiative and wish you had nothing to take care about when back home. The secret is in the balance, though. So plan ahead and create a low-maintenance garden upfront. One easy to implement tip is planting some beautiful and carefully selected evergreens. They require care much more seldom and provide a great feel to the environment. In addition, shrubs with foliage could also save the day.

irene davila O1PHdGGcljQ unsplash

6. Grow double duty plants

When talking about efficiency we cannot skip anything with double duty and surely the double duty plants are on the top of the list of every gardener in 2020. Plants that are edible, or plants with wonderful scents, plants which will keep mosquitos and other insects away, or plants which will support the growth of other plants. You name the double duties and you choose the plants. Once you put them in your garden, you’ll love them for life. 


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