Warrants disturb drug related activity in Stannington

Warrants have been carried out in the Stannington area of Sheffield as part of a day of targeted activity by the Central and North West Neighbourhood Team. 

Officers seized a quantity of cannabis, an amount of cash, a hammer and a BB gun from a property on Deer Park Road last week (Thursday 9 May). 

Members of the Sheffield Tasking Team gained entry to the property through a main door, but also removed an internal metal ‘gate’ (pictured) which had been installed by the tenant. 

Neighbourhood officers also carried out raids at a second address on Deer Park Road and are working with local authorities on follow-up action. 

Sergeant Kieran Frain who organised the day of action said: “These warrants were planned to destabilise drug-related criminality that we know is happening in the area. I want this action to be a warning to people causing issues within this peaceful community that we are watching and we will be taking further action to deal with individuals.” 

In addition to the warrants, the team also carried out a range of engagement activity, including extra patrols and a pop in police station at Hall Park Head Community Centre. 

Sheffield City Council were also involved in the day of action, with officers being joined by staff from housing, parking and environmental services. 

The Youth Justice Unit also worked with PCSO’s to address anti-social behaviour from identified young residents by issuing acceptable behaviour contracts.  

Later in the evening the neighbourhood team, conducted an alcohol test-purchase operation on six licenced premises in the Stannington area; five of the premises visited passed. 

Sgt Frain added: “We’ve had officers out engaging with the public, chatting to local people and getting to know more about the community groups and volunteers that exist in Stannington. This is really important to us as a neighbourhood policing team because building relationships will help us tackle key problems such as anti-social behaviour. 

“One really exciting new partnership is the involvement of SWFC Kicks – which is a grassroots football project – they joined us to speak to young people and encourage them to get involved in sport. These guys will hopefully become a permanent fixture in the area, so if you see them, come and say hello and get involved.”


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