Why Anne and Rosie are happy to support the Night Striders

How do Anne Brundell and Rosie Charlton like their Saturday evenings to be? Fun, colourful and busy!

That’s why they’re happy to sign up for a fourth time as volunteers at the St Luke’s Night Strider.

“It is great to be able to support such a wonderful local charity,” says Anne, a solicitor with city law firm Irwin Mitchell LLP.

The company sponsors and manages one of the pit stops – right outside the Millhouses pub in Abbeydale Road – as part of the October challenge event which sees a thousand people heading out onto on either a 10k or half marathon walking fundraiser.

“St Luke’s is a really well-known charity in Sheffield and loads of people in the city know about the Night Strider event,” Anne explains.

“It is great to be at the pit stop each year as we encounter so many people and everyone is always grateful for a drink and a snack and some Irwin Mitchell goodies as they are going round.

“The people at the pub are also really supportive and they bring out hot drinks for us to keep us going before the walkers arrive!”

But for friend and colleague Rosie it is the buzz of the evening that encourages her to sign up and volunteer her time again.

“The atmosphere on the night is the main thing that keeps me coming back,” she says.

“There is a great party vibe and all of the walkers are really lovely. There are some great costumes with flashing lights and glow sticks, which is great to see.

“The other volunteers are always great fun and we always have a good laugh with the paramedics! All in all, it is a good night out and is supporting a worthy cause as well!”

Rosie will admit that being a Night Strider volunteer means a very late night finish but she insists that’s a small price to pay.

“It’s fun, colourful and busy!” she says. “It is a great event because of the atmosphere and everyone is always really friendly. I certainly plan to keep volunteering!”

To find out more about Night Strider or to register to take part visit www.stlukeshospice.org.uk


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