Why Brands Should Rely on Influencer Marketing in 2019 and Beyond

Influencer marketing is quickly becoming an important part of many brands’ marketing strategies. It helps them significantly extend their reach, and build a great reputation on social media.

If you are looking to do the same to help grow your business, take a look at some of these reasons for why you too should start relying on influencer marketing.

Raising Brand Awareness

Whether you’re just starting out, or you already have an established brand, raising awareness always comes handy. With influencer marketing, you have a chance to raise brand awareness on a global scale, and reach out to a huge number of potential new customers.

Influencers can help you strengthen your social media presence and extend your reach, humanizing your brand and making it more authentic.

Building Credibility and Trust

People have always relied more on product recommendations from friends or family than those from brands. It’s simply not very easy to instantly trust a brand when it blatantly promotes its products or services, because their ultimate goal is to sell. This is why people find it incredibly easier to trust influencers. They’re just like them: tried a product, liked it, and are sharing their experience with friends. That’s exactly how people see most influencers.

Influencers have the power of connecting with people on an emotional level and, well, influencing their opinion about brands. With the right influencer, you can easily establish great credibility and trust, and compel plenty of people to give your products or services a try. 

Generating More Revenue

With their great ability to connect with people and create meaningful relationships with them, influencers can also help you generate more revenue.

This is simply because they know how to influence people’s purchase decisions, and entice them to try particular products or services. They can help you capture qualified leads that you can easily convert, and maximize your sales and ROI.

How Do Influencers Achieve All This?

How do influencers build trust, raise brand awareness, and increase revenue? They have high engagement rates, and therein lies the key. You need to engage with your audience to build trust and make them interested in what you have to offer.

Influencer marketing engages your audience because it shares authentic brand stories. The influencers you collaborate with share their own personal stories about your brand, their own experiences regarding your products or services, and there’s nothing more authentic than that. It’s like word-of-mouth marketing, but with much greater reach.

But there’s more than that. Influencer marketing goes beyond engagement because it also drives action. Influencers can compel people to give what you’re selling a try, and many people will because influencers are not strictly driven by sales. They don’t have your motive to boost sales, which is why their reviews, recommendations, testimonials, and various other pieces of advice are authentic and enticing.

Therefore, engage in influencer marketing, and you’ll engage quite a lot more people in your brand.


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